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Air Strike-War Plane Simulator

Air Strike-War Plane Simulator is a thrilling shooting game. You must control the fighter aircraft to shoot down other aircraft in the sky to complete the task.

The first-person game will make you immersed in the experience of flying a combat aircraft. You will become a great pilot when continuously controlling the sight of the aircraft, then aiming at the opponen's one. The number of aircraft will constantly increase through each level. They are numerous and move flexibly. It will not be easy to aim at them as they keep changing positions. They will also attack your aircraft as soon as they have the opportunity. So you need to quickly aim and shoot missiles at them to make them disappear from the sky.

The game brings a real experience to players when flying in the vast sky and participating in an attractive aerial campaign. The chase scenes are dramatic to the point of suffocation. Challenging aiming phases make a game for those who love fantastic shooting games. Realistic game sound following each fighter's movements makes you unable to stop playing the game. The game will help you practice concentration and shooting skills. Join the game and fight like a true warrior to return peace to the sky. How many planes can you take down?

Features of Air Strike-War Plane Simulator:

  • Many missions are waiting for you to try.
  • The number of combat aircraft will increase with each level.
  • The movement speed of the opponent's helicopter is also different at each level.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to look around and aim.
  • Left mouse to shoot.
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