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Charge It

Fully charge all electrical devices in the game Charge It. Your task is to think of all the ways to plug in all the electronic devices in the house.

How to play

The goal of this game is to proceed to the next level by correctly connecting all of the various electronic equipment. Although it may sound simple, players of this entertaining and addicting game should be prepared to confront a variety of challenges. Clicking on it will begin the game. On every level, you'll find a variety of devices that are either unplugged or missing their batteries. Sometimes, all you have to do is click and drag the wire to the plug, but other times, you have to remove the objects from the screen, which are serving as barriers. Sometimes, all you have to do is click and drag the cable to the plug. It would be best if you used the hairdryer to remove them so that you could see the plug underneath. Connecting it will cause it to open, allowing you to move the cords to the opposite side of the screen. As you pass levels, you'll receive coins. These glittering trinkets can be traded in at the in-game shop for various types of cables that have not yet been unlocked.


Use the mouse.

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