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Maybe you want to play.

Taming.Io is a game of surviving. Magical pets fight alongside you in this io game. As you get older, you'll be able to harvest materials and unlock upgrades.

To defend your land, create an army of powerful pets. Collect things and resources to grow your empire and defend it against invaders.
It's just you and your pet when you come to Taming io. Attempt to gain experience and unlock new weapons by leveling up.
Tame your pets and train them to fight alongside you. Choose your own pet and tame it. Each animal has a unique special talent. Be cautious in the beginning, as you will need to assemble a formidable army. Avoid powerful opponents; instead, seek out the appropriate opponent, and you will grow stronger over time.


Shield button: The pet protects you
Sword button: The pet attacks every animal it sees, except sleeping babies.
Hand button: The pet will stop following you and keep its position.
Skill button: The pet uses its special ability.


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