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Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D

Start an exciting shooting spree in Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D game. In this game, you will have to kill zombies and other monsters with just a sniper gun.

About Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D game

Game missions

Intense shooting battles can take place in this single-player action game. To kill every monster and zombie in this game, take turns becoming a sniper.

Many types of guns in this game

In this sniper game, you can kill zombies and other monsters. You must aim at their heads to destroy them. Weapons come in many different forms, such as shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc. Your goal in this Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D game is to kill as many zombies as possible!

Some tips in the game Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D

  • Carefully choosing your sniper position will give you a wide field of view and keep you from being detected.
  • If you want to maximize damage and save ammunition, you should aim for the zombie's head or body.
  • When there are enough zombies around or when they are beyond your reach, you should throw a bomb.
  • Use barriers like cars, crates, and trees to your advantage to explode or cover zombies.
  • To handle more difficult zombies, you should improve your weapons and abilities.
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