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Attend basketball matches in BasketBros

Transform into a professional basketball player in BasketBros. Represent your team to join exciting basketball matches and try to get a victory.

The playing rules of this game are super simple. Just steal the ball from your rival's hands and throw it into his hoop. Note that your opponent will gain a point if you or he throws the ball into your hoop. Therefore, defending is an important skill that you have to learn when playing this game. When your rival is about to make a dunk, you must jump as high as possible to stop the ball from falling into your hoop. Try to gain as many points as possible if you want to become a victor.

This game has three game modes including Practice, Tournament, and 2 Players Same PC. If you want to play the game alone, the Practice and Tournament modes are the best choices. If you want to compete with your friends, you can select the 2 Players Same PC.

How to control

Press WASD or Arrow Keys to move and jump.

Press a G or X key to throw the ball into the basket.

Customize your basketball player

Before entering a basketball match, you need to choose between available characters. You can look at the statistics about strength, height, hop, speed, handles, and defense of the character to select the most suitable character. Besides, you can change the colors of the clothes and the symbol on them. If you want to unlock new characters, you need to try all game modes in the game and win as many times as possible.

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