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Temple Run 2: Holi Festival

Join the escape plan in Temple Run 2: Holi Festival

The updated version called Temple Run 2: Holi Festival is launched and features a new map and challenge. Steal the Golden Idol in the temple and run.

This game is inspired by the Holi Festival which is also known as the Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring in India. Therefore, its theme is colorful. The runways and waterslides in this game are full of colors. This will bring an interesting playing experience for you.

Like the original version, this game also transforms you into a treasure hunter. You stole the Golden Idol in the temple and got noticed by a giant monkey. If you do not want to die, you must run as fast as possible. The obstacles are the things that you need to take caution with since they will hurt you. You must master some skills such as jumping, sliding down, or turning left or right to avoid crashing into dangerous obstacles. In addition, power-ups along the way are also useful for you. Collect them if you can. Note that the tropical forest hides many precious gems. As a treasure hunter, you cannot ignore them. Collect as many gems as possible. Use them to upgrade your abilities to run faster and stronger.

How to control

Press the Spacebar to start.

Press the left arrow key to move left or turn left.

Press the right arrow key to move right or turn right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a down arrow key to slide down.

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