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Among Us Hide and Seek

The crew must hide from the imposter until only one crewmate remains in Among Us Hide and Seek. While the main goal of Among Us is for the crewmates to complete tasks and the Impostors kill them, some want to play hide and seek. Setting up and playing Hide and Seek in Among Us is simple and enjoyable thanks to various game settings and, hopefully, a group of players who agree on the rules.

When playing Among Us Hide and Seek, there are a few different rules to follow. Make sure you iron out the minor details before attempting to play a game. Here's how you should usually begin a match:

  • To expose themselves, the impostor convenes an emergency meeting.
  • All of the crew members must then flee to safety while the Impostor performs a countdown.
  • The Impostor sabotages the lights after the countdown and then hunts down and kills the crew members.
  • This is where things get a little tricky. Some players prefer to follow their own set of rules. Some Hide and Seek games require crewmates to hide, while others suggest that they attempt to complete tasks. Before the game begins, decide which one you want to do.
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