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Hexa Two

In Hexa Two game you compete against many other opponents by running on a field with many puzzle pieces. Victory will belong to the last person remaining.

About Hexa Two game

Game modes

This game includes two game modes: 1P and 2P. In 1P mode, you will play along with other players. In 2P mode, you can play this game with your friends on the same computer.

Game missions

You can sprint and jump in the thrilling two-player platform game Hexa Two. Every player will be placed on a block-based platform. The barrier below the player will gradually disappear so they must continue moving forward. When the player runs out of places to go, they will fall onto the platform. The participant who stays on the podium the longest wins the competition.

How to play

Hexa Two is a highly competitive third-person skill game where you can test your reflexes and reactions. While recharging, sprint across the stage, standing on as many hexes as possible to avoid falling through the gap.

Eventually, you won't have enough pentagons left to touch and you'll have to find new pentagons. Try your best to stay grounded as much as possible! You have to sprint and jump at the right time to complete this.

Although it looks simple, as soon as you or your opponent step on the ground, they will disappear, creating a fairly large gap that if you are careless, you can fall through. Have fun while trying to outsmart your opponents and survive as long as possible.

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