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TankWar.IO is an exciting action game. Your objective is to control your tank to shoot down other tanks and be the final survivor on the battlefield.

The international tank fight is taking place in TankWar.IO. Do you want to participate in this fight? Control your tank to move around and shoot down other opponents. Release the mouse to activate the defensive shield of the tank to rebound bullet attacks. Remember to pay attention to the energy bar of your tank. If your tank runs out of energy, it will be eliminated from the fight. Don't forget to collect colorful power dots which help improve your tank. The battle zone will shrink after a few minutes. Just stay in the middle area of the battle zone. Try your best to be the final survivor and get a ton of coins. Use the coins you earn to upgrade the HP, Speed, and Attack of your tank.

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Features of TankWar.IO:

  • A variety of cool tanks
  • A lottery wheel with many surprising gifts
  • Offline coins and daily rewards
  • Colourful graphics and catchy music tunes

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control your tank.
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