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Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a shooting game with a unique cartoon style. Your mission in this game is to help Simon shoot down the pirates to protect the treasure.

How to play

You take on the role of two brothers who, while playing a game, find a treasure on an empty beach and then have to protect it from other players who are attempting to steal it. The brothers are going to need to make use of their water weapons in order to defend their riches and fend off the adversaries. You are required to aim and fire your water cannons at the adversaries while simultaneously attempting to avoid being hit by the enemies attacks. The further you continue through the game, the more challenging it will become because new foes and challenges will need to be defeated. You can rack up points and cash for scoring knockout blows and coming out on top in the various difficulty tiers of this game, which offer a gradual increase in challenge as they progress.

Upgrade your friends to take down your opponents

The only way to guarantee success is to upgrade your raft. Maintain a steady stream of raft upgrades as you earn experience and gold. Gather the most powerful weapons you can find and equip them. These are great to have on hand for those times when you need a quick victory. You can travel to the adventure section or fight other players online to win gold. Minigames are available here, and they can be completed for gold.


Use the mouse.

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