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Stan The Man

Stan The Man is a fun action shooting game loved by many people. Your mission in this game is to control Stan and take down enemies and other obstacles.

About Stan The Man

Game plot

Since zombies invaded the globe, enemies are everywhere. Since you are the only survivor, you must defend your home.

Game missions

Prepare your weapons and start fighting the zombies. Remember that when counting down 3 seconds, the bullet will explode after bouncing off surrounding objects. Check strategies and schedules. That's when your battle will begin. Play this fun game to kill time in your free time!

Tips in this game Stan The Man

  • To avoid being hit, you should keep moving and looking for resources such as money, health, and ammunition.
  • Aim and shoot at vehicles, gas tanks, and drums to cause massive explosions and damage multiple enemies at once.
  • Choose the appropriate weapon for each situation. Such as missiles for large targets, rifles for distant targets, and shotguns for close targets.
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