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Advertisements is an online multiplayer game, your goal is to take over as many hexagons as possible by making a path around them as you move around the area.

How to play

Be careful as you are leaving the area that you have conquered since if another player crosses your trail, you will lose the game. You will, of course, be able to eliminate other players who have left their territories by cutting off their route to their previous location. Try to take control of the towers that are strewn about the battlefield, as they may be of assistance to you. Additionally, make an effort to take control of the area that belongs to the adversary.

How to become a Hexanaut?

In order to become a Hexanaut, you need to occupy twenty percent of the map. After becoming a Hexanaut, the game is over for you if you are able to keep your territory at or above 20% for the remaining two minutes.

Caution is advised, as you will not be allowed to re-enter the game if you are eliminated while the other player possesses the Hexanaut ability.

Items in the game Hexanaut

Totem shot

In the game, there are five distinct totems to find and bring home. When it is possible to do so without risk, players should attempt to capture them. Each one is uniquely suited to helping you complete the map and get your hexanaut badge.

Wide totem

In this game, only the spread totem can be used to acquire hexagons in a straightforward fashion. When the expanding totem is captured, a laser will shoot out, capturing each tile in turn. In the early game, when it's tough to seize territory, this is extremely helpful.

Red speed totem

The totem of speed will grant you a 5% boost to your speed. Even while this doesn't look like much on its own, it can quickly add up if you buy two or three of them. You'll have better luck in the game if you give such symbols a high priority.


Use the mouse.

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