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The Last Survivors

Become The Last Survivors

Play as The Last Survivors and go around the city. Collect enough three gears, fight against zombies, and reach the exit door as soon as possible.

The city is destroyed because of the zombie apocalypse. Almost all citizens in the city are transformed into zombies. Only a couple still survive. Now they need to go around the city and collect gear. Can you help them? Invite your friends to play the game as this game features multiplayer.

In this game, you and your friends have to support each other to struggle with zombies and gather three gears. Jump on your teammate’s head to reach higher walls. Note that the man is really strong. Therefore, he is able to hit stones along the way. The woman is thin, so she can go through small roads and jump very high. She is able to throw stones at zombies to make them faint. Try to help the man and woman get to the exit door at the same time to win the level. There are 20 levels in this game. Can you beat all levels and save the city from the zombie apocalypse?

How to control


Press left-right arrow keys to move.

Press an Up Arrow key to jump.

Press a Down Arrow Key to hit.


Press A-D keys to move.

Press a W key to jump.

Press a S key to throw the stones at opponents.

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