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Haunted School

The playing rules of Haunted School

Attempt to stay alive

Search for undiscovered secrets of Haunted School now. This horror survival game requires you to solve puzzles and survive as long as possible.

This game was developed by Tonny Nevel in April 2022. Like other horror games, this game also takes you to a dark place. It is an abandoned school that hides many secrets. Your mission is to wander around the hallways and classrooms to solve the puzzles and find the priest's tools. These tools can be used to banish the demonic girl named Sarah. Note that the most important tool is a shotgun hidden anywhere in the school. You must find it and use it to kill the demonic girl before she assassinates you. Aim accurately and shoot to avoid wasting any bullet. Try to survive as long as possible to gain the highest score. Look at the leaderboard at the bottom right of the screen to know your rank.

This game features frightening jumpscares, so you need to stay alert at all times. Sarah can appear and scare you at any time without letting you prepare.

How to control

WASD or arrow keys = movement

E = pick-up item

R = reload

C = crouch

Left-click = sprint

LMB = shoot

G = drop item

1 / 2 = change slot

ESC = pause

All levels of difficulty in Haunted School

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between four levels of difficulty. Each level has a distinct feature.

  • Ghost: If you choose this level of difficulty, Sarah will not appear.
  • Easy: In this level, you can find many ammo and medicines scattered across the map.
  • Normal: At this level, you will lose a little life. However, there are fewer ammo and medicines that you can find.
  • Hard: The hardest level features a reasonable number of ammo and medicines on the map. Moreover, you will lose a lot of life.
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