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James Gun

Start the funny action shooting game called James Gun now! You will participate in the mission journey of spy James. Try to complete all the levels.

Unique shooting game

With stunning 3D visuals, James Gun is a third-person shooting game that gives players an amazing and exciting action experience.


You control the character James, a mysterious and talented spy with professional skills. Players will face many dangerous enemies. Including aliens, criminals, and other spies. Complete each level's objectives, such as eliminating opponents, defending the base, and staying alive


You can change skills, weapons, outfits, and accessories to suit your preferred play style. To receive additional rewards and support items, you can also participate in quests, events, and challenges.

How to play James Gun game

You start the game by choosing your preferred game mode. Includes zombies, squads, combat, campaign, or survival.

Use a keyboard and mouse or on-screen buttons to control your character. Move, jump, sit, shoot, throw grenades, switch weapons, and do more.

Collect gems, cash, and prizes to personalize your gear, outfits, accessories, and abilities.

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