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Among And Creeper

Among And Creeper is a thrilling shooting game in which you have to control an impostor to shoot down as many asteroids as possible and battle with Creeper.

Are you ready to participate in the fierce fight between an impostor and creeper? This is an endless battle, Your mission is to take a control of an impostor to shoot down as many asteroids as possible to get the highest possible score. Don't forget to collect many boosters like Speed Up, Bomb, Shield, Fuel, Missile, and Repair which drop from the sky. A Creeper will appear suddenly during the fight. Try to avoid its attack and kill him to get bonus points. Always pay attention to your energy bar. If you unexpectedly crash into the asteroids, you will lose energy. If it reaches zero, you will lose. Collect as many coins as possible to purchase a new impostor in the armoury and upgrade your impostor.

Features of Among And Creeper:

  • Many boosters
  • Easy control
  • Dark 2D graphics, nice universal background and lively music tune

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control an impostor.
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