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Master Fall Down

Join a fierce gun battle in the game Master Fall Down! You control your stickman to participate in this dramatic battle. Try to shoot all your opponents.

Features Master Fall Down game

This game is a shooting game loved by many people. To know why this game is so popular, you can learn more about this game here.

Multi-level shooting game

There are 45 levels in the shooting platform game Master Fall Down. You are the greatest shooter if you complete every level in this game. Now show off your shooting skills!

Game missions

In this game, you need to hit the dummies. To take down the red dummies, aim for bullets to bounce off objects or shoot at falling objects. In each round, you only have three bullets.

Some tips in Master Fall Down

In this game, you need to know how to be aware of your surroundings and use them strategically

When you get the chance, aim straight at the dummy. If there is no possibility of direct fire, use the ricochet effect (reflection shot) from metal bars or drop objects on the enemy.

Since each level only requires three rounds to pass, use your ammunition carefully.

You can dodge enemy fire with quick reflexes and precise aiming that will ensure the best possible bullet trajectory.

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