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Embark on the tank battle in AZ

It is time to join breathtaking tank fights in AZ. Drive your tank to go around the maze and shoot down other tanks to become the victor at the end.

If you are looking for a shooting game to have fun with your friends, this game is the best choice. This game allows up to 4 players to join a tank battle. You and your friends will drive your own tank to go around the maze. As soon as you get close to your rivals, you must start to fire to destroy your enemy's tanks. If you can eliminate a rival's tank, you will get one point. In contrast, if your tank is destroyed after you shoot down your foe's tank, you will get nothing. Therefore, you must be careful. Run as far as possible after taking down your rival. Try to gain the highest score in the battle.

There are two levels of difficulty which are Normal and Hard levels in this game. You can choose your suitable level of difficulty to play.

How to control


Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press a Ctrl key to shoot.


Press ESDF keys to move.

Press a Q key to shoot.


Press 8456 keys to move.

Press a 0 key to shoot.


Press IJKL keys to move.

Press a Y key to shoot.

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