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cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker is an idle and completely free online game. To make cookies, click the cookie icon on the computer.

Each time you clicked to the cookie, you receive a slew of new cookies. When you reach a certain amount of cookies, you can update your staff, which will allow you to receive more cookies per time even though you do not click on the cookie.

Your fingers will be hammered because you will need to click constantly in order to produce cookies and revenue. You will, however, buy automatic updates as time goes by. This encourages you to avoid pressing and let the game take care of the rest. Buildings and Enhancements are the two types of upgrades. A cursor and grandma are two examples of objects in the buildings segment that automatically generate cookies. The cost of these structures rises in stages.

Upgrades to increase your clicking rate and the amount of cookies you receive per click can be found in the upgrades section. This game is progressive, so you'll be making thousands of cookies in no time, and your success will skyrocket! Will you create a cookie empire and sell millions of cookies? This incremental game will keep you entertained for a long time. Idle game mechanics are simple to grasp. Users will also leave the game running and return to see their baking process still operational.


  • Left click to interact with menu items
  • Left click on the giant cookie to produce cookies
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