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Granny House

Granny House is a game with a haunting horror theme. You need to escape the room and task the player to escape from the house of a murderous old woman.

A core set of conditions must be met in order to successfully escape Granny. Aside from that, there are a few ways to complete the game. We'll try to cover all bases but will provide a more general sure-fire strategy to use. Once you've mastered that, feel free to experiment to your heart's content.

Granny House Tips - How to Beat the Game:

Every game of Granny will begin with you waking up on the floor of her house. The ultimate goal is to disable the alarm and then unlock the front door, but there are several obstacles in the way. You can collect certain items found around the house, 13 of which are required to complete the game. Here's a list of everything you'll need to defeat Granny:

Granny - How to Locate the Playhouse Key, Where can I find the Master Key, Tools, and Item Locations?

Safe - To open it, you'll need the Safe Key, but the Safe in the Basement usually contains a useful item.

When you find the Cog Wheel item, go to Granny's Yard and use it on the Playhouse Machine. You'll find a secret compartment containing an item.

This room has a fan beside a rocking chair that you can turn off with wire cutters. There is frequently an item hidden in the fan.

Car Trunk - After locating a car key, proceed to the Garage beneath Granny's Basement. You'll find an item if you open the trunk of the car housed within.

Basement Stairs - Open the metal compartment beneath the Basement Stairs with a screwdriver. There's usually something hidden there.

How to play:

WASD = move.

Mouse = view.

E = interact with objects.

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