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Deeeep Io

Deeeep Io is an addictive io game that you play as a marine creature attempting to survive in the harsh underwater world.

Deeeep io's ocean is divided into various areas and regions. You can only swim in certain areas while playing. For example, as a basic clownfish, you can only swim in shallow waters. If you swim deeper, your fish will suffocate slowly.

Choose from various marine life such as the whale, penguin, pufferfish, clownfish, and jellyfish as you play. The characteristics and abilities of each type of marine animal vary. For example, a penguin can stay on land but cannot swim in deep water.

Furthermore, different water temperatures exist, with some fish requiring specific water temperatures to survive. If you are in danger, there are help boxes that will appear, so pay attention.
If you're being pursued, you'll need to summon all of your hides and seek skills from childhood to flee, utilizing both the terrain and quick movements to reach safety.

Controls: you navigate with the mouse and boost forward a limited amount with the space bar. This can be useful for closing the gap between you and an enemy or catching up to your prey.

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