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Gun Mayhem

Start an exciting war in the game Gun Mayhem now! Attack your opponents by shooting or throwing bombs. You will pass the level if your opponent is destroyed.

About the Gun Mayhem game

Game mode

Custom game modes let you play alone or with friends. There are ten maps in total, from a modern setting.

Game missions

Using a variety of weapons, your goal is to drive your opponents from the arena. Additionally, you can modify your character and abilities to improve your abilities and fighting power.

Tips in the game Gun Mayhem

Don't panic if your first weapon isn't really powerful. Try to get more points. Then, before long, you will have enough money to buy a rifle that can shoot extremely large bullets. You can deal more damage to opponents in a shorter amount of time with stronger weapons. Not only do weapons get better during gameplay, but extremely useful support items also appear. Grasp them quickly and apply them appropriately!

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