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Maybe you want to play.

In, players will dive into an immersive underwater world where survival is the ultimate test of skills and wits. In this game, you will play as a stabbing fish, seeking domination in a vast ocean full of danger and opportunity. 

How to play

Customize the look of your fish by choosing skin style, and color. Each stabbing fish skin can offer unique bonuses or abilities, so choose wisely. 

As a stabbing fish, your main goal is to rise to the top of the food chain by becoming smarter and overpowering your opponents. Use your sharp instincts to navigate the currents, predict your opponent's moves, and strike strategically when the time is right. Only the most strategic and nimble fish will become the true rulers of this sea.


Use the arrow keys, WASD keys, or swipe on your device to control the movement of the stabbing fish.

Quickly navigate through the water, avoiding obstacles and other crashing fish.

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