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Bank Robbery

Let's join Bank Robbery

Are you ready for a thrilling bank robbery plan in Bank Robbery? Cooperate with your teammates to defeat cops in the bank and steal as much money as possible.

This game invites you to join a bank robbery plan with notorious criminals. You will wear a mask and hold your gun to get into the central bank of the city. This bank is guarded by many policemen, so you will need to fight against them before stealing the money. Aim accurately and shoot down as many cops as possible. After defeating all policemen, you need to rush to the stock and rob all money in the bank. You can use this money to buy other kinds of guns in the shop.

There are 12 levels in this game. The power of the cops will increase corresponding to the level. Therefore, you need to upgrade yourself to battle strong enemies. Can you win all levels in the game?

How to control

Press the WASD keys to move

Press SHIFT to run

Press the left mouse button to shoot

Press the right mouse button to aim

Rotate the mouse wheel or press 1-5 keys to change the weapon

Press SPACEBAR to jump

Press a C key to crouch

Press an E key to take the weapon.

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