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Might and Monsters

Might and Monsters invites you to enter a perilous world filled with magical and grotesque creatures and engage in intense melee combat against them to liberate the world from their dominance.

How to play Might and Monsters

Choose your favored warrior, customize his armor, and enhance his weaponry. As the game progresses you earn sufficient currency, and keep a watch on your health gauge.

Bring peace to the kingdom once and for all by displaying courage and refusing to yield to the legions of enemies waiting for you across the battlefield.

Enhance your hero's attributes and acquire new equipment to conquer battles. As time passes, the forest will become infested with increasingly hazardous creatures that are exceedingly difficult to vanquish. Maintain a secure distance from them, stepping back slightly between attacks. Go on a genuine monster search and rack up as many points as possible in the allocated time to top the leaderboard!


Move with the ARROW KEYS or WASD.

Use the NUMBER KEYS 1, 2, 3 to enhance your abilities with crystals.

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