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Sift Heads World: Act 1

Sift Heads World: Act 1 is an intense action game. In this game, you must play as one of three characters with different skills to complete the assigned tasks.

The game has many genres mixed together, like shooting, adventure, and action are fully present in this game. There are three main character classes for everyone to explore, including Vinnie, Shorty, and Kiro. Vinnie was considered the leader of a group of Assassins and named the best bounty hunter of all Americans. Vannie can boast about being the toughest around! No one has ever got past him, and he can manipulate any gun with ease. Shorty is Vinnie's girl. She is not just sexy but also very lethal. She is a weapons expert and has also acquired much experience as an assassin from being at Vannie's side. She is the best sharpshooter in the group and the ideal person for tactical diversion.

The third character, Kiro, is a real modern Samurai. Kiro was once known as the best killer of his clan. He is a master of swordsmanship. With his great agility and reflexes, Kiro is able to finish off opponents instantly before they touch their gun.

You will choose for yourself the character that suits the gameplay you love. The character's skills will help you complete the task excellently. Each character has advantages worth choosing to become your representative. Let's play and handle all situations.

Features of Sift Heads World: Act 1:

  • You can select one of three characters Vannie, Shorty, and Kiro.
  • Each character has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • The mission of each character is different. The tasks are also very diverse.
  • Sharp visuals, realistic sound.
    The plot is interesting, and it attracts many players.

How to play:

  • Left-click to action/shoot
  • Space bar to get your weapon
  • R to reload
  • Q to switch quality
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