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Color Road

Color Road is a fun and engaging virtual reality jogging game. To advance to the next level, collect coins, use ramps to change colors, and pass through doors.

How to play

In order to add points to your score, you need to collect balls of the same hue. Try to steer clear of the other balls. When you touch an object of a different color, the game is finished and you have to begin playing again. It is in your best interest to keep an eye out for the striped balls because they have the potential to award you double points. Take your time while going through the tunnels, change your color at the ramps, and keep going down! Get as many gold coins as you can along the way, then use them in the game shop to buy new skins.

Tips and Tricks

In the event that you are unsuccessful, the ball will bounce, and the game will be finished. Because the balls you need to touch on the track might also travel from left to right, you need to aim carefully in this section. You can receive bonus points for rolling striped balls. In addition to that, there are occasional gates that you will need to go through.

In the game Color Road, the further you progress, the faster your ball will become. After that, there are a series of jumps in a row, so you need to pay very close attention to the color that your ball acquires at each one. Along the path, there will also be coins for you to pick up and keep.


Use the mouse.

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