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Blumgi Dragon

Accompany the little dragon in an exciting action game called Blumgi Dragon. Help the dragon overcome all difficult levels to rescue his fellow humans.

Player's mission

You play as a cute little dragon. He has an extremely powerful fire-breathing move. Take control of him to start this challenging journey.
The only way to pass this level is to kill all the guards. These guards are arranged to prevent your journey to rescue your fellow humans.

How to complete the mission

You can easily pass the first levels once you understand the character's working mechanism.

At higher levels. You need to combine well the movement and fire-breathing skills of the little dragon. Please stay calm as the number of soldiers increases. You can completely find the smartest attack to take them all down.

Try to pass as many levels as possible in the game Blumgi Dragon. You can try again if the task is not completed.

You can invite your friends to play in two-player mode. That will make the adventure in the dragon kingdom more interesting than ever.

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