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Advertisements is a drawing guessing game and you can also redraw the picture according to the description and let everyone guess what you are drawing. is an online drawing game with a guessing element that is dependent on your ability to draw the word presented to you. When it's your turn, draw a picture based on the two options provided. Choose your favorite, and if it's a tough one, use the 'hint' button to hint at some letters!

Players who correctly guess receive points. Drawing letters, numbers, and symbols is prohibited, but everything else is permitted! You can report users who break the rules, which will cause their turn to be skipped.

Tip and trick:

  • When you're drawing, you can send hints to the players to help them find the word, but the more hints you give, the fewer points you get for each find. Good fortune!
  • Try to find the word as quickly as possible to earn more points.
  • Try to draw quickly and without devoting too much time to details. The most important thing here is to assist the players in finding the word.
  • Never scribble anything in your drawing. You can be deleted by the other players and lose all of your points for the next turn.

How to play:

Use the mouse to draw.

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