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Battle Of Seas

The fiery battle in the Battle Of Seas is waiting for you. You will control your warship and constantly fire on the opponent's warship to win.

The game combines powerful warships and massive, sleek guns that stimulate you to participate in sea battles. It will keep you focused in gunfights with other ships to protect your ship. The ships will seem slow to those who prefer agility, as it almost precisely simulates how a real ship operates.

In the game, you have to control the warship against the enemy. Use cannon bullets to threaten your opponent's ships. Shoot until the opponent's ship runs out of power and cannot fight back. In addition, you will have to face a lot of other obstacles. They could have been a towering mountain that ranges between two ships, which made it more challenging to take down enemy ships. In the following levels, not only are you blocked by high mountains, but also blocked by giant stones. As a result, it is hard to aim properly when facing many difficulties.

Tips to win Battle Of Seas

  • Use the scope to know the exact position of the enemy ship, then use cannon to fire.
  • The dashed lines make it easy to aim at your target. Please take advantage of it so as not to miss it.
  • Pay attention to the movement of the stones to not waste bullets when you hit them.
  • The sound effect

The game is a naval battle game with majestic ships. However, the game's background sound is sea waves murmuring peacefully. When the battle begins, the background music will bring a heroic look to create excitement for the game. Sound effects when players fire or use weapons are fully added to create a fierce battle.

How to play

Player 1: WASD to move.

Player 2: Arrow keys to move.

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