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Spooky Island

Explore Spooky Island

Let's become the best monster hunter on Spooky Island. Eliminate as many monsters as possible and buy their bones to earn a lot of gold coins.

In this game, you will become a monster hunter on an island. This island is invaded by monsters. Therefore, you need to fight against them to save the island. Note that the monsters will not actively attack you. Just approach them and use your weapon to kill as many monsters as possible. After murdering a certain number of monsters, you can come to the store and sell their bones. You will earn a lot of coins after selling monsters' bones. Then, go to the blacksmith shop and use the coins you earn to upgrade your weapon. You will become more powerful when holding an upgraded weapon. Besides, the coins can be used to expand your base.

When all monsters are assassinated and the island is peaceful, it is time to travel. Let's jump on the board and reach other islands which are invaded by monsters. The islanders on these islands need you, so you need to sail to these islands to continue the fight against monsters. A new and exciting adventure is awaiting you!

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or press WASD keys to control the hero.

Creator and Release Date

Spooky Land was made by Izyplay Game Studio which is a famous game developer and publisher. It was initially released in September 2022 and updated on Feb 24, 2023. You can play this game on the web browser and Android devices.

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