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Maybe you want to play.
Advertisements is the most entertaining and engrossing online multiplayer IO game available for free on You are entirely alone in the midst of the wilderness with the sole objective of surviving in Commence resource creation by utilizing your unaided hands to produce materials such as food and wood.

Construct implements for constructing additional resources and for survival against untamed animals. However, exercise caution, as other participants are also striving for the passage of time and may not be overly amicable. Therefore, seek, craft, build a fire, fight, and be robust, particularly on those perilous, dark, and frigid evenings. Take pleasure in Starveio!

How to Play

Use the arrow keys or Use WASD to navigate.
Utilize the left mouse button to gather resources, construct, and battle.

Strategy for

Acquire sufficient materials to construct a campfire. You have some resistance to the weather. Alongside your workstation, amass stone and wood in order to construct tools, blades, and fortifications.

Construct seedlings close to the fire in order to sow them and endure starvation.

Discover diamond and gold resources in order to improve your instruments.

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