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Advertisements is a game that combines farming and fighting. In this game, you drive a harvester to defeat opponents to harvest a lot of agricultural products.


Game features's farming game combines fierce competition with a simulated farm.

Game missions

You play as one of a group of farmers competing to harvest the most crops in a wheat field. The trailer's tail grew longer and longer behind the harvester as their competition became out of control, and eventually, they even began to collect. Can you endure the rush of the autumn harvest and collect as much wheat as possible?

Advice for you

Start the engine, climb into the harvester, fasten your seat belt, and start your journey to the top of the harvest leaderboard! As you collect more wheat, additional trailers will be added to your combine, making it more difficult for other players to avoid running into your tail. When they do this, they will quickly die and stop progressing. Your chances of getting 100 grains of wheat will increase if you can endure long enough to have a large convoy behind you!

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