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Ninja Legend

Ninja Legend is a superb battle game with the ninja theme. Your mission is to use and upgrade weapons to fight your opponents and proceed to the next levels.

Let's go with Ninja Legend! This game is an intriguing action and adventure game where you can experience tricky battles with great skills, various weapons, and secret treasure chests.

As a ninja, you will battle and defend by pressing, holding, and sliding your mouse up and down to adjust the angle. Then, release your mouse to attack. Remember that you can press the Shield button to block all attacks perfectly. After finishing a level, you can choose one of three skills. There are various skills, including continuous throw skill to throw one round of weapons, killing blade skill to cause huge damage, sharp blade to increase critical strike probability, catapult to eject weapon is between the enemies, splitting blade skill to extra split out one arm, and rebirth flame to own the death resurrection. Pick the skills you want for the next levels!

It's worth remembering that watching random movies can upgrade a talent twice. After completing your tasks, you will be able to equip additional items and access the Treasure Pavilion. Every day, one of the three treasure chests is given away for free.

Features of Ninja Legend

  • Action-adventure game
  • Unlock new weapons, treasure chests, and skills.
  • Levels with many of opponents

How to control

  • Press, hold and slide your mouse up and down to adjust the angle
  • Release your mouse to attack
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