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Bullet Rush

Join the fun and modern shooting game with adorable pictures called Bullet Rush. You will control your character to shoot wildly at hundreds of enemies.

Bullet Rush game features

If you are a fan of gunfights, Bullet Rush is a great game for you.

Game genre

Bullet Rush is a shooting game with simple and intuitive gameplay with addictive gameplay mechanics.

Perform top gunshots

Compared to previously published games, this game has the most on-screen opponents. You can race through each level, eliminating all enemies along the way. You can turn on shooting mode and destroy dozens of enemies at once if you are skilled enough.

Game missions

Conquer hundreds of opponents to complete every level. In this crazy online shooting game, collect coins to unlock new skins and use them for improvements.

Tips for you in Bullet Rush

If you play on a PC, use keyboard controls to adjust your character's movement direction. Use the mouse cursor to move the character in the desired direction while aiming at the intended enemy. Actions related to shooting will take place automatically.

Once you have defeated every enemy, collect coins.

Your attack range will increase as you receive more hits from your opponent.

You will be able to get more skins and your pets as you unlock more levels and earn more coins.

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