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Prison Life

Prison Life is a fantastic multiplayer game set in a big jail full of inmates and cops. Cops and inmates compete in a hostile environment with dangerous people.

If you opt to play the part of a Cop, you will be required to patrol the jail and ensure that any prisoners who manage to break out are apprehended and returned to their cells using the various weapons at your disposal. If you fail to do so, you will be fired from your position. If you are a prisoner, you must attempt to get out of your cell and make your way to freedom while avoiding being apprehended by the authorities.

If you are an inmate, you are required to make an attempt to escape, fight against the other inmates and the police officers, and win bounty points. If you are a member of the police force, it is obvious that you will be required to search for the criminals who have the biggest bounty points and apprehend them. You may do things like go to the nursery, drive automobiles, look for weapons and gadgets that can help you, and so much more.

How to Control:

  • WASD = move
  • Mouse = aim/attack
  • E = interact
  • 1-9 = weapons / tools
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