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Block Champ

The online game Block Champ is made up of a grid and blocks with different shapes. Make rows of blocks both horizontally and vertically to get rid of them.

Noteworthy information about Block Champ

To get points, you have to put the block pieces in all of the columns and rows on the grid. After you fill up an entire column or row, the blocks that were previously in those areas will vanish, and you will receive points for them. After that, you can fill in those blanks once more to continue clearing rows and columns.

For several of the different block shapes, such as ice blocks and lightning bolts, there are spots that are reserved just for them. If these blocks are in a full row or column after a move, then the score for the move will increase and you will be able to use more power-ups. For instance, when two lightning bolts are placed in the same row or column, the spaces in that row or column are "electrocuted," and the row disappears without the need for it to be filled. If an ice block is utilized, and the row is then finished, the player's score is increased by two.

How to play

Use the mouse.

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