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Maybe you want to play.
Advertisements is a multiplayer online game that draws inspiration from the classic Bomberman games. 

How to play

In this game, players navigate a grid-based arena filled with obstacles and other players. The main objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents by strategically placing bombs while avoiding getting caught in the blast radius of your own explosives.

You start the game with a limited number of bombs. You can place a bomb on the ground. Bombs have a blast radius that can eliminate opponents or destroy obstacles.

Power-ups and items often appear throughout the game to enhance a player's abilities, such as increasing the bomb's range or granting additional bombs.

Common power-ups include:

Bomb: Increases the number of bombs you can place at once.

Flame: Increases the blast radius of your bombs.

Speed Up: Makes your character move faster.

Remote Control: Allows you to manually detonate your bombs.


You control your character using the arrow keys or WASD for movement, and you place bombs using a designated key or button. 

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