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Snowball.Io is an IO game where you toss snowballs at other players in a multiplayer arena. You must collect snow and take down other players while avoiding the vanishing ice platforms in this epic snow war. The contest is won by the last player standing!

How to Play:

  • To gather snow, move about. As the snowball grows in size, it becomes simpler to obliterate your frigid foes. Throw your snowball at other players when it's ready. You can also use your snowball to hit players and knock them back.
  •, the famous and addicting dot io game, will bring winter joy into your home! The finest winter pastime is playing in the snow with others, and doing so in the coziness of your own house without freezing your hands off is a terrific way to pass the time! Join other players from all around the world and prepare to construct the largest snowball possible using the competitive and addicting gameplay characteristics of the dot io genre! There's no need to put on your gloves!


  • Mouse down to create a snowball
  • Release mouse button to throw
  • Mouse to move

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