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Winter Clash 3D

Join Winter Clash 3D to experience an exciting 3rd person gunfight. You will play as a powerful Santa fighting a group of evil elves to protect his land.

Game features

Game missions

You must try to reclaim a legendary symbol from an abandoned island and burn it on your holiday bonfire. Additionally, you must keep your area safe from enemy intrusion. To increase your strength and survivability, you can use a variety of weapons, support items, and magic shoes. In addition, you can challenge and chat with other gamers around the world. This game has simple gameplay, stunning graphics, and vivid sound.


  • Use a computer mouse to Aim and shoot
  • W, A, S, D keys to Move around the arena
  • Press the spacebar to jump

Game tips

  • You must aim quickly and accurately to play Winter Clash 3D. You also need to know how to use weapons, perks, and magic boots well.
  • To shoot from a distance, you should choose a weapon with high damage, fast speed, and long range. On the other hand, if you want to shoot close, you should choose a weapon with close-range damage, slow speed, and limited range.
  • Your ability to aim and shoot at your opponent's head depends on your ability to concentrate, react quickly, and shoot accurately. To be able to shoot first, you also have to predict your opponent's direction of movement.
  • Use magical shoes and prizes to increase your endurance and strength. Bonuses can increase your damage, speed, and recovery.
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