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Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders is a tactical action game in the stickman world. Your mission in this game is to create a powerful stickman team to fight off attacks from enemies.

Game features


To protect your base from enemy attacks, you must combine similar stickman soldiers to build stronger stickman soldiers. In addition to combining shooters, you can enhance your walls, attacks, and more.

The game has many levels

Every level has a time limit and ranges from easy to challenging. The level must be completed before the allotted time expires. You will lose and have to start the level again if you cannot complete it.


You can get unexpected green wooden crates to unlock more stickman warriors. Discover new talents by participating in side entertainment activities.
As soon as the cooldown of your skills ends, carefully arrange the number of warriors for a solid defense.

Stick Defenders game rules

You act as the leader in this battle.

It would help if you combined similar stick soldiers to create stronger stick soldiers. You can combine horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as long as there are at least three stickmen adjacent to each other.

You can use special items and abilities to aid you in combat. You need to drag the item or special ability to the position you want and release it to activate it.

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