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Advertisements is a multiplayer first-person shooter with a variety of humorous weaponry. Perform kills in midair and teleport via portals to ambush enemies.

Earn points for stunning combinations, such as knocking opponents out of the arena, killing them in midair, and teleporting through portals to ambush them.

The universe of is both serious and humorous!

With an arsenal of eight insane weapons to master, sprint and soar through vibrant arenas chasing down opponents in deathmatch mode against up to sixteen other players. Basic skills are insufficient to win; you must execute the most stunning and inventive ones to get additional points and finish with the greatest score.

You may rocket-jump freely, teleport, jetpack yourself high in the air with a flamethrower, rain damage from above, and execute impossible jumps utilizing strong jump pads, all of which contribute to the game's frantic action.

Study the maps and where to find weapons and bonuses, since several have unique functions: the Lifegun ray vampirizes your opponent and is the only way to regenerate life, the flamethrower doubles as a portable thruster, and the Magic Milk temporarily increases your damage by three times.

How to control:

  • WASD: move
  • Mouse: shot
  • 1-8: weapons
  • Space: jump
  • Tab: scores
  • Enter: chat
  • Escape: menu
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