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Greed FRVR

The instructions to play Greed FRVR

Grow your business and become a billionaire in Greed FRVR. Fly to collect as much money as possible while dodging the bombs and black money.

In this game, you are employed in a small company. Your mission is to gather money every day. You will fly in the sky and collect money. Watch out for the bombs and black money as they will make you lose a lot of money and fall to the ground. Therefore, it is a good idea to fly to the left or right to evade them. Your goal is to reach the finish line to win. Accumulate as much money as possible to get promoted to the next level. Do not forget to repair your office when you are rich.

Sometimes, a man in a black suit will appear and ask you to invest. Specifically, if you invest a certain amount of money, you will claim profit without doing anything. It must be an attractive invitation, but you should think carefully before investing. You can lose a lot of money if you invest in the wrong person.

How to control: Hole the left mouse button to control the character to fly to the left or right.

Some tips to get a faster promotion

  • Collect the rocket to fly faster.
  • The bubble will protect you from bombs and black money. Therefore, you should grab them as soon as they appear.
  • Upgrade your skills like tax evasion to earn more money.
  • Remember that the yellow gift box contains a lot of money, so you should not ignore it.
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