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Bad Ice Cream 3

About Bad Ice Cream 3

The principles

Bad Ice Cream 3 is the 3rd version of the Bad Ice Cream series developed by Nitrome. Select your favorite flavor and start your adventure to collect fruits now.

Welcome to a new journey with ice cream. First, invite your friends to go with you and choose one of the flavors. This new version offers 8 flavors including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, sorbet, mint, bubble gum, licorice, and smokey bacon. Select your favorite flavor and start the adventure now. During the journey, you will compete with your friends to collect fruits. Picking up fruit is worth 50 points. Do your best to gather as many fruits as possible to gain more points than your friends. Take caution with enemies like cactus monsters, sandworms, starfish, and so on. They will take you down if you get close to them. Therefore, you need to avoid them to survive until the game ends. Besides, remember that you have a special ability which is to create and break ice blocks. Utilize this special ability wisely to complete the level before the time runs out.

How to control


Press ARROW KEYS to walk

Press the Spacebar to create and break ice blocks


Press WASD keys to walk

Press a Q key to create and break ice blocks.

Interesting things about Bad Ice Cream 3

All challenging levels

The third version of Bad Ice Cream has 41 challenging levels. Each level features different enemies. Here is the list of enemies you will meet in the levels.

  • Cactus monsters: They sleep together and wake up periodically. After waking up, they will move around the battlefield and break ice blocks.
  • Sandworms: These enemies are able to dig under the ground and move quickly. Look at the raised ground to know their positions and avoid them. Moreover, they can eat ice blocks.
  • Boots: They are able to jump super high and smash ice blocks.
  • Mimic aliens: These opponents can mimic your appearance and movements.
  • Udder cows: They will use their udders to break ice blocks instantly.
  • Starfish: These rivals are able to spin to destroy ice blocks. Moreover, they sometimes lie on the snow and create more starfish.
  • Peppermints: They look like circle-shaped candies and can move in a designated path.
  • Peppermints with bombs: They carry bombs. If the saucers touch these bombs, they will be destroyed.

As you see, all opponents are aggressive and strong. If you do not want to be killed, you need to master your skills. Try your best to survive as long as possible and beat all levels. Break a leg!

Developer and Platform

This game is the sequel to Bad Ice Cream 2 created by Nitrome. Actually, it was developed as a flash game, but later it was emulated in HTML5 by AwayFL. It was initially released on 11 December 2013 and is playable on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, you can play it at any time and anywhere.

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