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Unicycle Mayhem

About the Unicycle Mayhem game

Unicycle Mayhem is an exciting action game. In this game, your task is to maintain balance on the vehicle and shoot your opponent to defeat him.

Funny action game

The game Unicycle Mayhem will make you laugh because the character's movements are very funny. These puppet characters sit on unicycles like they are performing in a circus.


You need to control your character to balance on a unicycle. At the same time, use the gun to attack the opponent opposite you. Try to knock down your opponent before he knocks you out. And don't forget to keep a good balance on your stage.

Tips for you in the Unicycle Mayhem game

First, you need to get familiar with the character's balance mechanism. This is not easy because your character is sitting on a strange circus bicycle. However, be persistent because you will be able to master it to your liking if you get used to it.

You can choose your attack strategy. You can shoot your opponent's bricks to make him fall. He will then lose his balance and cannot attack you. This way you can easily attack him. You can also attack directly if you are confident in your aiming ability.

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