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Tetris is a classic puzzle game. The aim of the game is to clear as many horizontal lines of Blocks as possible in order to earn as many points as possible.

Tips and tricks:

Consider rotations. You may have noticed that spinning blocks are an important component of the game since it allows you to see where the block will land.

Play on the ground. Create rows of pieces to maximize your horizontal chances of putting pieces down and destroying rows. Never stack more than two blocks high or dig a hole deeper than two blocks deep. Only one piece can bridge a distance wider than two blocks.

Take a look forward. Free Tetris displays the next piece in the upper right corner. As you grow acquainted with the game, you should consider what you'll do with the next piece as you drop the current one.

Think quickly. In Free Tetris, you'll require rapid thinking more than anything else, even if it doesn't always result in the ideal options. As you remove more lines, the game becomes quicker.


Web browser (originally Flash, now HTML5)


Rotate blocks using the arrow keys.

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