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Stickman War

Stickman War is a stickman-themed first-person shooting game that many people love. In this game, you play as a sniper. Try to destroy all the stickmen.

Game features

This game has highlights that make players excited.

Game genre

Stickman War game belongs to the Laoji genre of dramatic and fun shooting action games. This game includes many levels with increasing difficulty. Prove your sniper skills by conquering all the levels here.

Game missions

Using guns and bullets, you can take down the running Stickman in this action-packed game. You are equipped with a shotgun with precise sights. Stickman runs away from two opposing directions. You must be prepared to use several bullets to destroy every Stickman.

Tips in Stickman War game

Here's a little tip for you: when two Stickmen meet, it's time to fire because you can eliminate two opponents at once with just one shot. Stickman will warn you when he escapes and runs out of bullets. To win, try to use as few shots as possible.

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