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Fight Simulator 3D

Fight Simulator 3D is a fun action game. You have to adjust the posture of the character to defeat enemies and collect gold coins to upgrade weapons and skins.

You will have to fight one or more enemies at the same time. Unlike other games, in this game, you do not need to control a gun or a sword to hit enemies. You will adjust the character's posture and the direction of the weapon, so you can reach your opponent before they can threaten you. There are joints on the character's body, you need to change them to get the pose you want. Adjusting the combat posture is more difficult than you imagined. You can only see the enemy's posture through the images on the left corner, so you do not know exactly what height your enemies will put their weapons, and whether your weapons will actually kill them. Use your judgment to estimate the height of the weapon's position as well as the position of the opponent. In addition, you need to create unique poses that your opponent has as little chance of touching you as possible. After posing, click to start.

Every time you destroy an opponent, you will receive gold coins. Accumulate a lot of gold coins to exchange for new weapons and cool skins. They will help you fight enemies in an epic way. Besides killing enemies, you can also earn money by participating in the lucky draw.

Features of Fight Simulator 3D:

  • There are progressively harder levels.
  • simple and extremely inventive challenge.
  • Promote players' creativity and judgment.
  • Excellent graphics and amusing sounds.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control.
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