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Black is a highly engaging multiplayer game that skillfully blends strategic and chaotic elements. The player assumes the persona of a black hole, an enormous gravitational cone that engulfs all objects in its immediate proximity. Becoming the largest black hole in the arena through the consumption of objects, obstacles, and even other players is the straightforward objective.

How to play Black

The intuitive gameplay of Black renders the game suitable for participants of varying levels of expertise. Swiping the display is sufficient for players to direct their black hole; the controls are straightforward. As the quantity of matter ingested by a black hole increases, its dimensions expand, enabling it to absorb targets of even greater magnitude.

The arena comprises a diverse array of urban elements, including automobiles, trees, structures, and even additional black holes that are under the control of the participants. As players strategize to outmaneuver adversaries and expand in stature, the dynamic environment maintains them alert. Due to the game's rapid tempo, each match is an exhilarating competition against time and other participants.


Although the game's premise may appear straightforward, Black packs an unexpected degree of strategic complexity. Players are required to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of their decisions. Pursuing larger targets may result in increased points, but it also renders the black hole more susceptible to potential hazards from other participants. Adding an element of strategy by determining when to attack and when to retreat contributes to the gameplay's intrigue and unpredictability.



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