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Maybe you want to play.

Gameplay of is a fidget spinner multiplayer game. Before the match starts, you can change anything about your fidget spinner, from its neon color to its badge.

In, it's up to the players to move their spinner around the map and pick up the colorful gems that are all over the playfield. At the start of the game, your spinner won't move, but as you collect more gems, it will spin faster.

Do you already own a Fidget Spinner?

Adding gems to your toy will also make it grow. Each crystal you collect gives you one point and makes you spin a little faster. Try to get as many points as you can so you can win the game and move your nickname to the top of the list. Another benefit of having a big score is that you can't be hurt. Players can take away all of their opponents' points by taking away their fidget spinners. To kill another player, you just have to bump into his or her fidget spinner, but only if your score is at least 15 points lower than theirs. If your score is the same as your opponent's, you will die if you hit a much bigger fidget spinner, but you will just bounce off if your score is the same. After you beat your opponent, his points will show up on the map as gems that you can collect. Make your fidget spinner go as fast as possible and as big as possible.

How to control:

Use your mouse to control the movement.

Press the left mouse button to boost the speed.

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